Concur and SAP

The simple, secure way to see and manage spending.

When T&E meets ERP, managing spending gets a lot easier.

Concur captures all of your T&E spending—wherever and whenever it happens—and directly and securely integrates with your SAP financial system. This seamless connection provides an instant, accurate look at your total financial picture in one place. Without transforming your digital core, employees spend less time tracking and managing expenses, and you gain the insight to find new sources of savings and reduce regulatory risk.

All the benefits of a cloud-based T&E solution.

Automated data integration between Concur and SAP systems makes it seamless.


Data from your Concur and SAP systems stays in sync without manual intervention, so you can easily track actuals, variance, and vendor spend – and make payments faster.


Robust network security and data integrity with native integration.


Save time and resources during implementation and operation, freeing up resources for other strategic projects.

SAP – Concur Integration

Marc Malone, CFO of SAP Business Networks and Applications Group, speaks on how automated financial integration between Concur and SAP ERP enables decision makers to effortlessly manage their company’s financial spending.

Get simpler, faster, and more accurate finance processes with
Concur and SAP.

Direct, secure, end-to-end system integration between Concur and SAP - even without middleware.

Complete visibility and traceability of your financial transactions in both systems in real time.

Robust communication processes eliminate many typical integration errors. With built-in monitoring tools, you always keep an overview of the overall process, allowing you to make corrections to expense reports or invoices as needed.

Simplify your system landscape. Remove unnecessary middleware. Leverage Concur's and SAP's standard integration offering that will be continuously enhanced to cover your individual integration use cases.

Frees up your finance staff from administrative tasks and eliminates backend engineering for your IT team, so they can focus on other strategic initiatives.