Build business continuity and resilience

Automate company spending to protect against risk and future-proof your business

  • Support a remote workforce
  • Control costs & cashflow
  • Drive intelligent insights
  • Improve compliance

Supporting continuity plans with efficient finance processes

No matter what is happening in the world, taking time to ensure your business continuity management processes are efficient, and you have the required data to make informed decisions, will enable your business to be resilient and thrive - whatever the future holds.

Now is the time to ensure your finance operations are supporting organisational agility and basic contingency plans, whilst helping drive long-term, sustainable business plans.

6 Strategies for Finance to Build Resilience

Prepare for the workplace of the future — supporting remote workers

The digital transformation of business processes is no longer a luxury as remote working becomes the norm and employees expect streamlined, paperless processes wherever they are.

Are your data centres prepared with a recovery plan, in the event of a disaster? Are your current finance processes adequately equipped to handle a remote workforce?

Don’t wait to find out. All these factors are alleviated when businesses follow good practise guidelines to ensure their contingency plan is a success.

How we can help you empower employees remotely

How cloud-based spend management solutions can help

Company Logo

Having cloud-based systems in place enabled us to move out of the office and away from a conventional nine-to-five culture very quickly. We’ve achieved more in the past few weeks than has been possible in the last few years.”

Dave Hawes
Director of Finance and Infrastructure
Devon Air Ambulance

Control costs and improve cash flow

Getting a clear view of employee expenses and supplier invoices is the first step in following good practise guidelines to create your business continuity plan.

By automating these processes, you also remove the headache of paper receipts and invoices, which are impractical when your employees are working remotely.

Our solutions provide your business with earlier visibility into planned spend, whilst speeding up the review and approval process for a more accurate picture of your cash flow.

Capture and process invoices from anywhere Make business expenses easier to process

Drive intelligent insights with greater visibility of spend data

A centralised view of all your spending data provides the information your business needs to influence the bottom line.

You can track spend by category, supplier, cost centre, product and employee, allowing you to adjust and allocate budget as needed.

Using innovative, customisable reports, you can make forecasting and budget management simpler, ensure information security and deliver key insights that inform the business's future priorities.

Blog: Managing budgets in uncertain times

Improve compliance and protect against fraud

As the nature and categories of company spending change, do your employees have clarity on what expense claims are allowed? Are 'out-of-policy' and inaccurate claims automatically flagged to your finance team?

At a time when cyber fraud has surged, are you able to easily detect duplicate and fraudulent invoices before they are paid?

Use our free policy templates to ensure your policies are up-to-date.

Template: How to Create an Expense Policy Template: How to Build a Supplier Invoice Policy

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