Supporting business continuity

How technology can help control costs, improve cash flow and support a remote workforce.

Back-to-work: Supporting the business on the path to recovery

Recovering from the impact of Covid-19 will require resilience as businesses advance, adapt and refocus as necessary. But how can Finance support the businesses in the months to come and what role will technology play?

We speak with Andrea Yandreski, Partner at Bain & Company, about what you can do to help the business reset, retool and become more resilient whatever the future holds.

View live webinar Guide: 7 ways to help future-proof your business

Finding opportunities for business to thrive

The current business climate is creating challenges for many, but what does this mean for businesses into the future?

As businesses pivot to create new models, strategies and ways of working, how can finance leaders help to prepare the business for the future?

Join us as we speak with PwC to discuss the key principles SMBs should consider in order to help them thrive, whatever the future holds.

Webinar: How SMBs can improve business resiliance 7 Best Practices for Weathering Unexpected Change

Navigating economic uncertainty

Unpredictable market forces can put additional strain on an organisation’s cash flow and processes, making it challenging to continue ‘business as usual’ - let alone focus on future planning.

Business continuity planning is top of the agenda for many companies and finance leaders play a pivotal role. This means having effective solutions and processes in place to ensure your workforce can still perform at their best.

Whitepaper: Creating certainty in uncertain times Webinar: Finding opportunity in a time of uncertainty

Useful resources to ensure business continuity

Have you updated your expense policy?

Having proper guidelines in place is critical to maintaining control when it comes to employee expenses.

How to create an expense policy

Improve your end-to-end invoice process

Identify where there are opportunities to streamline steps and cut out time-draining, manual tasks and risk areas.

A 10-step guide to an efficient supplier invoice process

Do you need a supplier invoice policy?

Get 9 tips and a template to help you create a supplier invoice policy.

Invoice policy template
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Our team used to have to troll through emails and spreadsheets, they'd be pulling their hair out. Cross referencing, printing loads of things out. Now in terms of processing, it’s all in Concur where the line managers have been able to approve expenses and we are able to do a quick audit. All within an hour, not days.”

Peter George,
Financial Controller

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