How do you capture all your business travel data?

By bringing buyers, suppliers, developers, business travellers and travel management companies together.

By sharing reservation and profile data across systems, Concur TripLink makes business travel easier for everyone – especially as employees are now booking travel in innovative new ways.

Connect directly

To set up a direct supplier connection, employees link their Concur accounts to their loyalty accounts with participating airlines, hotels and taxi companies, for example.

Forward email

If a direct connection isn’t available, employees can forward their travel confirmation emails to Concur.

Gain control

When employees book on travel company sites, they see their company’s preferred rates. Reservations are matched to company policies – and then non-compliant bookings are flagged for review.

View a single itinerary

All booking information is sent to Concur and combined into one itinerary, accessible from Concur and mobile apps.

Join the dots

The travel industry is in the midst of massive transformation, driven by rapidly changing technology and by customers who increasingly demand mobile connectivity and flexibility. In the effort to provide a transparent solution and an effortless experience, Concur has created an open platform that connects suppliers, business travellers and travel management companies to better serve our shared customers and their employees.