Book It: The Perfect Business Trip

Business travel - do you remember when it was exciting, even a bit glamorous? Over the last few years everything seems to have become that little bit more complicated and tiring, including business travel. We have a solution that will return you to those stress-free days of booking travel.

Smarter Corporate Travel Booking

Our travel booking tool provides you with powerful online corporate travel booking capabilities including the ability to incorporate your travel policy and your preferred travel suppliers, along with a wide-selection of Global Distribution Systems content.

It reduces the time it takes you to book the flight or train you want to catch by capturing all of your requirements and searching for them sequentially; letting you get back to what you do best as soon as possible.

Book Travel That's Within Your Policy

Want to fly first-class? We make sure that you get the right ticket to stay inside your travel policy.

We incorporate your travel and expense policy so you have a high level of compliance and spending control.

We also give you the ability to have your trip approved before it is booked, so there are no surprises.

Book Travel with Your Preferred Supplier

Like a particular airline? We can make sure that these results appear first on the list - as long as the airline is one of the ones preferred by your company, of course.

We are independent of any travel agency or Global Distribution System. This means you get a wide-selection of travel content from all available sources. We can also mandate your preferred travel suppliers so they are the ones used to book travel. This is especially important if you have negotiated a special rate with them.

Book Travel with a Concur Connect Supplier

We have a programme that connects suppliers from around the world to provide you with exclusive access to services that are otherwise unavailable through traditional travel programmes

These Concur Connect suppliers also feed electronic folio data, known as 'e-receipts', directly into your solution and your expense claim, improving accuracy as well as the level of granularity of data, so you can see what was booked, what was charged and what is being claimed.

E-receipts Brochure

Concur Connect

Book Travel from Wherever

Are you sitting down? Or standing up? Or on the train?

No matter where you are, you can book travel from your smartphone using our mobile app. And if you want to use your desktop browser at the office or at home to organise your travel it works just as well.