Sabio Streamlines Its Travel Booking with Corporate Traveller and SAP Concur

Sabio had a disjointed travel and expense setup. As a rapidly growing business, Sabio was keen to maximise efficiency and streamline operations. One area where change was needed was corporate travel. Different parts of the business were using different systems, which made getting a complete picture of travel spend difficult. The systems were often difficult to use without training too, which was a problem with so many new people joining the company.

Partnering with Corporate Traveller, an SAP Concur TMC Elite Partner, and using SAP Concur has given Sabio all the benefits it wanted and more. Overall, Sabio is seeing considerable benefits from working with a travel management company and migrating to an online system. 

“SAP Concur’s online support team have been really helpful too. We’ve had lots of online chats just to get quick answers on how people can do things. If there are issues with anything, it’s quick and simple to get feedback and help and support.” – Lea Duchemin, Account Manager, Corporate Traveller




London, United Kingdom


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