How do you improve accounts payable performance?

Start with efficient invoice capture.

Concur simplifies and streamlines what happens to invoices when they arrive, so accounts payable can run efficiently. Regardless of format, invoice data can be captured with speed and accuracy, allowing staff to spend less time on manual data entry and more time supporting core business objectives. And with faster payments, your company can improve supplier relationships and take advantage of discounts.

Concur offers multiple options to make invoice data capture and processing simple, fast and error-free

Capture processing

Optical character recognition (OCR) technology simplifies capturing invoices by automatically populating a payment request. Your staff only needs to verify the results and add to your company's workflow.

Invoice capture service

Concur handles all of the work to capture your company's invoices, whether paper, e-mail or fax. Concur will add the verified requests to your normal workflow.


Concur Invoice can receive electronic invoices directly from suppliers.

OB10 Supplier Network

Electronic invoice data is automatically mapped, formatted and populated into Concur Invoice.