Payment provider solutions

Connect payment providers with Concur Invoice and simplify invoice management from start to finish.

Streamline invoice approvals and easily make supplier payments

The move to a hybrid workforce created an urgent need to digitise and simplify processes. By adding payment providers to Concur Invoice, your organisation can extend the power of its AP solution and create a secure, customisable way to control spending and pay suppliers quickly.

  • Get visibility into liabilities sooner and further out
  • Improve important supplier relationships
  • Improve accuracy and compliance
  • Optimise working capital and cash flow

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Here’s what connecting Concur Invoice to payment provider solutions can help you do

Tailor payments to work your way

Easily adapt a payment provider to your company’s existing invoice process and keep AP policies that work best for you.

Connect the entire invoice process

Bring your entire invoice-based management process together so you can track, manage, and optimise budgets.

Track payments start to finish

Integrating Concur Invoice and your payment provider lets you see and manage spend before and after it happens.

Make informed decisions when you have better visibility

With increased visibility into spend, you can keep a closer eye on cash flow, better manage payments, and make more informed decisions.

Connect to existing ERPs or accounting systems

Concur Invoice and your payment provider work with almost any ERP and accounting system to create a secure, connected way to manage spend.

Integrate with numerous payment provider solutions

Choose your preferred payment provider solution so you can better manage your cash flow while leveraging existing bank relationships.

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