Modernising Spend Management within Central Government

Enchanced productivity and reporting with the crucial end-to-end view of expenses

Put Money Back into Vital Services with Automated Spend Management

Inefficient manual processes have been shown to not only contribute to monetary loss but also reduce productivity.

By implementing an automated solution, you can reduce inaccurate expense claims and improve employee productivity.

How Digital Technology will Ensure Delivery of Service

The Future of Work Within Central Government

Recent events have accelerated changes to workplaces and the need for more efficient and effective working practices. Digital transformation, already under way in many parts of central government, will like play a huge role in meeting workers’ new demands.

Report: Future of work within central government Four ways tech can transform central government

SAP Concur connects a variety of spending together in a single solution

Concur Expense

Track every penny of spending to identify cost saving and supplier negotiation opportunities. Streamline approvals and increase productivity.

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Concur Audit

Spot non-compliance in your expense claims using our audit service. Identify opportunities for VAT reclaim to put money back into your budgets.

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Concur Invoice

Streamline payments to avoid penalties and take control of cash flow. Put paper in the past for improved security and productivity.

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