Managing compliance and risk

Mitigate risk, stop fraud, and control spending across your organisation with SAP Concur.

How can finance leaders crack compliance in an increasingly complex world?

Every day the number of risks finance must protect their business against keeps growing. Fraud, cybercrime, misspending and errors are realities of the job.

Intelligent tools can help overcome these threats by spotting and stopping risks before they impact your business. Automation of processes, triggered alerts and auditing services can help ensure your spending is compliant, under control and you have the visibility to act.

6 ways to drive compliance & identify fraud

Improve employee compliance with T&E and Invoice policies

When you make the process simple and clear, employees find it easy to comply with spending policies. An intuitive mobile app reduces manual data entry and enables managers to review and approve expenses and invoices wherever they are.

  • Take photos of receipts and machine learning technology will read the data and autopopulate expense claims.
  • Automatically match invoices to purchase orders and route to the right people in the approval chain.
  • Company policies are automatically applied to flag anomalies.

Build Expense Policy Build Invoice Policy

Meet compliance obligations with HMRC and government regulations

A digital audit trail of all compliant T&E and invoice spend gives finance peace of mind should the tax man pay you a visit. You can also be confident you are reclaiming the right amount of VAT without risking penalties.

Stay on top of regulations like the Anti-Bribery Act and Duty to Report on Payment Practices when you digitise and automate your spend processes. Our auditing services can provide you with even greater compliance assurance.

Expenses & HMRC Guide Reclaiming VAT

Intelligent solutions to manage your compliance needs

Concur Expense

Simplify expense management and boost compliance with fast, automated expense claims.

Concur Invoice

Reduce the hours, effort, and cost of your accounts payable process and pay suppliers on time.

Concur Audit

Save time, increase compliance and manage VAT more effectively with our team of experts.

Hear how our customers manage compliance

Tackling cybercrime in the charity sector with Concur Invoice.

Increased control and policy compliance with SAP Concur.

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