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Concur Audit Services:

Ensure Compliance. Reduce Processing Costs. Save Time.

Audit of Expenses

For many companies, auditing employees’ expenses can be cumbersome, paper-intensive and sensitive: no-one likes to feel like they’re being “monitored.” But Concur® Audit Services is an objective third party that verifies employee expense receipts without bias, and provides control to ensure compliance – all while reducing processing costs.

Leverage the Power of Concur Audit Services to:

  • Control employee spend and ensure compliance
  • Increase visibility into waste, misuse and abuse
  • Gain increased control of your expense-reporting process
  • Quickly verify receipts – thanks to the objective and experienced audit specialists at Concur
  • Ensure expenses are valid prior to reimbursement or corporate card remittance
  • Access audit experts for guidance and expertise
  • Easily navigate VAT compliance
  • Achieve compliance internationally with receipt substantiation in 15+ languages

Concur Receipt Audit: Validate Expenses Before Reimbursement

Concur® Receipt Audit gives you an efficient, accurate, objective review of your receipts in a controlled environment, saving you both time and cost. (It also includes VAT checks to help ensure HMRC compliance). Concur recommends auditing 100% of your receipts to gain the greatest insight, but if you prefer to audit only a subset, you can choose which expense claims to audit, based on selection criteria. If an expense claim fails an audit review, exceptions are resolved directly with the employee via email without burdening your staff, and reports are provided to help you identify trends in employee behaviour: so you can take corrective action or put education programmes in place as needed.

Concur Policy Audit: Ensure Expenses Comply With Your T&E Policy

Regular audits are critical to ensuring that your employees follow your company’s travel and entertainment (T&E) policy. With Concur® Policy Audit, you can reduce the time and cost it takes to run this process in-house. We provide designated resources who collaborate with you to create audit-review criteria and suggest best practices based on your unique T&E policy.

Create or review your T&E policy

Concur Expense Audit: Our Expense Report Auditing service helps you significantly cut the effort needed to perform expense claim audits. We extract and verify your expense data and cross-check it for you, helping you stay compliant with your policies with minimal fuss.

Concur Paper Receipt Handling: Streamline Receipt Imaging

Digital receipt imaging has become the standard for managing paper receipts generated during the expense reporting process. However, sometimes regulatory requirements demand the collection of all paper receipts – which can be especially painful for organisations that have high numbers of travelling employees. With Concur® Paper Receipt Handling, the submitter sends hard copy receipts to Concur in pre-addressed envelopes (pre-paid postage is also available). Once all the required information is received, Concur coverts them into imaged receipts and ensures they are accurately associated to the appropriate expense report as a digital image. We can then store receipts for you, in line with HMRC requirements.