Concur UK 2017 Gender Pay Report

At Concur UK, an SAP company, we believe in treating all employees fairly, regardless of gender, age, race or other protected characteristics. We welcome the gender pay reporting legislation and believe it will help all companies focus on this important topic.  Due to our payroll integration with SAP in January 2017, our gender pay analysis included the review of our data from 2 sources:  our current SAP payroll system and our archived Concur payroll reports.


As a UK employer, we at Concur UK, an SAP company, are committed to addressing diversity such as adapting recruitment processes, championing flexible work schedules for our employees, as well as creating different programs to accelerate career development. 


Female Employees as a % of the workforce – Concur UK


Concur UK, an SAP company wants to lead by example by fully aligning to gender pay equality and continuing to develop policies and practices to ensure we are a fully inclusive workforce.


For example, looking at April 2017, our workforce gender split showed that 41% of our employees were female. This has increased from 28.4% in the previous twelve months.


Our female employees currently represent 26.5% of our management positions.  This is a significant increase from our position twelve months earlier, when females in represented only 10.8% of our management positions.


What is the gender pay gap?

Whilst they sound similar it should be noted that a “gender pay gap”, and an “equal pay gap” are very different things.


  • Equal pay measures whether male and female employees are paid equally for carrying out essentially the same role, or work of equal value. Legislation surrounding this has been in existence in the UK since 1970. 

·       Gender pay measures a completely different metric. What it actually measures is whether there is an equal representation of men and women at all pay levels of the organisation. A skew towards one gender in the most senior roles will result in a gender pay gap. 



Pay Gap Analysis

Mean: 37.3%

Median: 27.9%

The mean and median information is indicative of the higher percentage of male employees in Concur UK senior leadership roles.  As mentioned above, we will continue to increase our percentage of female representation in senior categories. 


Proportion of employees receiving a bonus:

Men: 93.2%

Women: 84.8%

Mean Bonus Pay Gap: 55.4%

Median Bonus Pay Gap: 51.0%

*Employees hired after January 2017 are ineligible to receive a bonus payment based on our policy of bonus eligibility, 64% of newly hired employees between January 2017 - April 2017 were female impacting the proportion of female employees receiving a bonus.

Proportion of workforce in each pay quartile:


Lower                     Lower Middle           Upper Middle            Upper












We recognize that there are gender pay gaps in existence, however we will keep challenging ourselves as we further re-enforce commitment to not only attract, but also develop and promote our female workforce. Over time, these actions will assist in addressing our gender pay gap.


To positively influence this picture, Concur UK will align with SAP in their several global initiatives aimed at closing the gender pay gap and support their global ‘Women in Leadership’ target of 30% by 2022.


Our initiatives are designed to help women at Concur UK define, own and accelerate their career development, they include:


  • Women’s Professional Growth Webinar Series – monthly series focusing on women’s career development.

  • Focus on Insight -  Inclusion and Diversity Training Programme, to encourage a more inclusive mindset and culture at SAP

  • ‘LEAP’ programme (Leadership Excellence Acceleration Program) - a targeted development journey focused on supporting women to achieve their career aspirations at SAP.

  • Activating Men for Parity ‘AMP’ programme to educate male influencers/male senior leaders on creating and fostering a diverse and inclusive environment across all genders.  Concur UK’s most senior leaders are active participants in our AMP programme.  



Concur UK, an SAP company, is aligned with SAP’s mission to help the world run better and improve people‘s lives. SAP has over 78,000 employees representing over 150 nationalities contributing to the success of SAP, we understand that it is the unique perspective of every individual that makes SAP a more innovative, dynamic and flourishing organization. Creating a diverse and inclusive culture is the foundation that makes Concur UK and SAP both a great place to work and a successful company.


With that in mind, Concur UK welcomes the legislation that has been put in place and publishing our data annually is our opportunity to demonstrate that addressing the gender pay gap is part of our commitment to employees.


We are confident that a sustained focus on and commitment to these initiatives will have a hugely positive impact on the proportion of women in our workforce, particularly at senior levels, and therefore will, over time, support us in continuing to close the gender pay gap.


Our efforts, and the targets we aspire to, show an ongoing commitment from Concur UK, an SAP company, to continue to drive the changes required to address the gender pay gap by creating a more balanced workforce.  


We confirm the data reported is accurate.                                 




Chris Juneau   

SVP, Business Operations – SAP Concur