How Digital Transformation can help Local Authorities Fill the Gap Left by Levelling Up

The government’s long-awaited ‘levelling up’ whitepaper may finally have arrived – a full two years after the Prime Minister announced he intended to redress what he called the “outrage” of regional inequalities – but for many it has landed with more challenges than answers.

It is clear that many of these multiple challenges will fall on public sector HR, finance and technology leaders. However, help is at hand in the form of technology and software solutions – and levelling up may just end up being the catalyst for a more efficient and more effective way of working.

That’s why tailored technological solutions can play a pivotal role in helping public sector bodies meet the new requirements being placed on them and help their regions level up.

Starting now with a discussion on how easy-to-implement technology can help take the strain is the first crucial step to success – and to creating more efficient, more effective organisations that stretch the value of every penny.

Download our whitepaper now and discover how SAP Concur solutions can help drive business growth for local authorities and other public sector bodies. 

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