Horiba UK Gains Efficiency and Time with SAP Concur with "a more modern, up-to-date solution”

Horiba UK Gains Efficiency and Time with SAP Concur

With employees at offices across the country and teams on the road, HORIBA UK generates a lot of expense claims each month. With the company’s paper-based expense system, it was taking two members of the finance team two weeks of every month to collate, process, check and post receipts onto the system.

A new president with a focus on driving efficiencies across the business was one of the catalysts for change. At her annual review, HORIBA UK’s Financial Controller Sarah Souter raised the expense system as one that needed to change. “It was so old-fashioned and time-consuming, and we needed a more modern, up-to-date solution,” she says.

“I looked at SAP Concur and one other solution in detail. I spoke to sales people at both businesses and just decided SAP Concur was so much better." - Financial Contorller, Sarah Souter








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