Digital Technologies Help Landbay Maintain Profit Margins and Operate at Scale

Runjit Bhopal, Finance Director of Landbay, likes to say that the business is built on three pillars: data, technology and people. Remove any one and the structure is weakened.

When he joined the company in 2014, the customer-facing systems of the business were digitised, yet the backend systems, including finance, were not. As a small team supporting a growing business with 100 employees, efficiency was essential and digitisation was the only way forward.

Today, Landbay’s finance systems and processes are almost entirely cloud-based. The role of the finance team has switched from data entry and coding to providing value-added information that helps Landbay drive efficiency and maintain profit margins. 

SAP Concur solutions offered Landbay the value-added combination of AI-driven technologies and human expertise required.

We aren’t a big team and this isn’t a high margin business so we need to be super-efficient. It’s why from day one we took the decision that our finance systems needed to be in the cloud.

-Runjit Bhopal, Finance Director, Landbay






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