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Concur Invoice ROI Review: Why Walk When You Can Run?

Lara Edwards |

Missing or misplaced invoices. Tedious data entry and PO matching. Duplicate payments and—oh no—late payment penalties. Isn’t accounts payable painful? For our Concur Invoice users, it isn’t.  

When you look at the real-world ROI of automated invoice management, it’s easy to understand why our customers have a newfound love of all things AP. 

Top 10 Concur Invoice Features 

Manual steps at any point in your AP process can lead to lost employee productivity, data entry errors, increased costs, unseen risks, and damaged supplier relationships, which might not be news to you.  

When we talk with AP managers and finance leaders, they’re often aware of what’s not working in a procure-to-pay workflow. What they’re surprised to learn is how easy and cost-effective it can be to overcome these challenges with intelligent automation technologies. 

Here are the 10 Concur Invoice features our customers say they love most:  

  1. Scans and extracts data from electronic and paper invoices using intelligent AI-powered technology 
  2. Splits invoices into multiples for allocation to cost centres and separate approvals 
  3. Provides employees with an easy-to-use mobile app for invoice review and approvals on the go 
  4. Uses AI to flag abnormalities, such as duplications, unauthorised charges, and potential fraud 
  5. Stores processed invoices and original document images on the cloud 
  6. Integrates with other billing, procurement, accounting, or ERP software 
  7. Enables custom approval workflows (like different approval paths based on employee type, invoice type, amount of spend, etc.) 
  8. Matches invoices with purchase order/sales orders and goods received receipts 
  9. Configurable reporting on invoice spend and processing trends 
  10. Ability to schedule payments via bank transfer, credit card, or third-party payment processor 

Want to see some of these features in action?  

Take a run through our Concur Invoice self-guided demo or just sit back and watch our Concur Invoice demo.

But before you do, let’s look at those ROI numbers… 


Real-World ROI of Automating AP with Concur Invoice 

When it comes to automating finance processes, accounts payable tends to take a back seat to payroll and expense management. And yet, as any Concur Invoice customer will tell you, invoice management automation can make just as significant an impact on productivity, efficiency, and the bottom line. 

How big of an impact?  

After automating accounts payable workflows with Concur Invoice, our customers reported: 

  • 29% reduction in time spent by AP/finance teams on capturing invoices 
  • 26% reduction in budget overspending because of increased visibility into spending data 
  • 11% cost savings realised through supplier-negotiated rates and discounts  

Our customers also reported that the above efficiencies resulted in: 

  • 134 estimated hours saved per week by AP teams 
  • £34K estimated money saved on an annual basis 
  • Only 7 months to see positive ROI 

Use these stats when building your own business case for AP automation. Want some expert help for getting your leadership and stakeholders onboard? 

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How to Build a Business Case for AP Automation 

Download our guide to help accounts payable professionals sell automated invoicing to their business leaders 

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Move your Business Forward with Concur Invoice 

Concur Invoice ROI Review: Why Walk When You Can Run? to learn more about how AP automation could benefit your company.  


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