Travel and Expense

See How Your Business Stacks Up on Its T&E Performance

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How long does it take to approve and pay an expense report at your company, and what percentage of reports get rejected? How often do employees use corporate cards vs. more problematic spending by cash or personal credit card? Do you have visibility into what percentage of trips are booked through your travel solution, directly with suppliers, or by a travel management company?

With the right data and tools, you can put numbers to those and other questions and develop plans of action if the answers you receive don’t measure up. Our new Travel and Expense Performance Benchmark Report provides both perspective and aspirations, as it details why metrics for key business goals are important and is based on data from the top 25% best-performing SAP Concur customers worldwide.

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Find Out How Your Business Measures Up

The latest Travel and Expense Performance Benchmark Report, built on data from top-performing SAP Concur customers, helps you spot gaps in travel and spending processes and develop a plan to close them.

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The report’s statistics are made even more relevant to each company by breaking down the data into global regions, and for businesses under 1,000 employees or those with 1,000 or more. The priorities of your business and how you’re doing in a given area will, of course, guide the emphasis you put on addressing specific goals, so will a close look at the statistics on how top-performing businesses do on each metric. The gaps you identify might fuel a shift in your strategy, which an array of our solutions can help execute.

Goals Critical to Efficiency, Compliance and Success 

Here are a few examples of goals to pursue:

Take better control of spending at your business by increasing the use of corporate credit cards. By reducing the use of cash and personal credit cards, you’ll gain visibility and be less susceptible to accidental and intentional misuse. Another way to attack risk and waste is electronically capturing receipts and submitting expenses through a mobile app with advanced OCR technology such as ExpenseIt, which cuts time, paperwork, and errors.

Improve your view of spending with a travel solution that can collect bookings from a number of channels, including your corporate travel booking platform, travel management companies, and directly with suppliers. Concur Travel solutions can help you capture all booking itineraries wherever they happen. You can see where your money and employees are going and ensure their safety, too, as TripIt Pro manages itineraries and delivers updates and safety information about destinations.

Make audits more efficient by using intelligent solutions to increase the number of expense reports your company audits, and improve the accuracy to reduce rejection of submitted reports. Your team will spend less time chasing paperwork. The Verify solution helps streamline processes and see spending better, while the Intelligent Audit service uses a team of auditors to improve compliance and spot possible fraud.

Gain productivity all around with improved processes and technology that reduce manual tasks, paper chases, and other inefficient steps eating away at your time and money. Businesses that take a comprehensive approach see results they can measure, with expense reports and payments moving through their system more quickly.

Your Next Steps

Now that you’ve considered possible goals, gather your company’s numbers, sit down with the report, and then:

  • Use the report’s worksheet to identify gaps between your business and top-performing peers.
  • Develop a plan of action for closing that gap, including policy and process changes and additional solutions and extensions that provide the tools.
  • Take your plan of action live, then measure and adjust.
  • Talk to our teams to help you refine your data, assess your progress, and develop additional ways to improve.


Get the benchmark report to start closing the gaps that hinder efficiency, productivity, spending visibility, and compliance with the help of SAP Concur solutions.

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