See Which Travel and Expense Solution Stands Out in the IDC MarketScape Report

SAP Concur Team |

Digital tools have transformed the way companies capture employee travel and expense data. Employees are booking travel and making business purchases on mobile devices and in many locations, meaning the cloud is quickly becoming the necessary option for businesses that want to track their spending. But how do you select the right solution?

IDC 2018 Vendor Assessment

IDC assesses the leading SaaS and cloud-enabled travel and expense software solutions


Every year, IDC publishes a study that aims to offer an assessment of the available options. The research firm analyses several factors that businesses might want to consider, including experience, innovation, support, and ROI, among many others. Because the travel and expense space evolves rapidly, IDC says “it is extremely important for end users to understand how vendors and their solutions are positioned currently, as well as how they may be positioned in the next three to five years.”


In 2018 report, IDC evaluated nine different travel and expense solutions. IDC positioned SAP Concur in the "leaders" category of this market. IDC highlights some primary strengths that SAP Concur has, including:


  • Extensive global support and a sophisticated travel booking app
  • Acquired supplemental tools to better manage travel and expenses
  • Dedicated company division focused on developing innovative features
  • Built-in integrations with SAP solutions for increased intelligence and automation
  • The most extensive app devoted to travel and expense applications


When making a big decision about the digital tools your business will use in the future, it’s important to have all the information you need to make the best choice.


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