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Why a little help can go a long way: hints and tips from the User Support Desk

Mike Burton |

Whether you’re an experienced SAP Concur administrator or only dip into SAP Concur occasionally, the User Support Desk is here to make life easier.

SAP Concur administrators and authorised contacts tell us that helping people with expense claims can quickly get time-consuming. That’s one of the main reasons why 65% (and rising) of SAP Concur customers in the UK & Ireland now use the SAP Concur User Support Desk.

In this blog:

  • Tips for faster and easier approvals
  • How to get the most from our service
  • Where to go for more help.

Solving common problems for faster, easier approvals

Our research shows that on average, it takes 16 days for approvers to action an expense approval. ‘Best-in-class’ organisations have cut this down to just 2 days.

So, what can companies do to accelerate expense approvals? Here are the User Support Desk’s most frequently reported user queries in 2023.


Most common queries

Hints and tips for resolution

Getting into SAP Concur

How do I log into the system?
-First-time users need to wait to receive their login information from their company’s supervisors

- Other users may need to reset the password

While concursolutions.com can usually help, if your company uses a single sign-on (SSO), then all users should be able to access SAP Concur using their SSO credentials.

Report creation

Why has my expense report been returned? Why is there an exception message?

This is usually because of incorrect or incomplete information that needs to be reviewed and populated before submission. For instance, if the exceptions in the report are red, that information needs correction before the expense report can be submitted.

Concur’s itemisation feature can also help users ensure that each of their expenses is correctly accounted for.

Report approval

Questions related to existing company policy and the process of expense approval

The person submitting an expense may be able to select or change the name of the expense approver (if their company has set the relevant user permissions).

Sometimes multiple approvers are available, and the user or approver must select one; if they don’t, they’re then faced with this error.

Report reimbursement

Queries about report reimbursement status

Normally the information can be found in the approved report details tab.

Better experiences, better business

While these queries reflect broad trends, a major benefit of the User Support Desk is that agents are familiar not only with the system, but also with the specific needs of your business and SAP Concur configuration.

Getting people’s problems resolved more quickly enhances their experience while also increasing compliance and productivity levels.

User Support Desk facts and stats

  • Under 60-second response time by phone or chat (average)
  • 96% user satisfaction rating (top of class for customer service)
  • 85% user queries resolved (average)
  • English support available 24/7
  • Flexibility for peaks in demand (daily, monthly, yearly)

To get the most from the User Support Desk team, it’s a good idea to update us on any changes that may affect how your company uses SAP Concur.

If you’re delivering training or communications to your end-users, why not keep us in the loop? This means we can be even more closely aligned, working in lockstep with you to solve problems and improve end-user experience.

What’s next?

If you’re a SAP Concur administrator

  1. Do your end-users know where and how they can self-service to get help?
  2. Are there answers to common queries that you could include in your communications and training activities?
  3. Stay updated by subscribing to our regular product updates at https://open.concur.com.

If you use the SAP Concur User Support Desk

  1. Please keep our team updated. One key action is to complete a SAP Concur questionnaire. This is a living document that helps us deliver a great service. If you need help with this, please reach out to the USD team.
  2. The SAP Concur Support team is also available, offering assistance for up to five of your company’s-designated Authorized Support Contacts.

If your company hasn’t engaged our User Support Desk, our team would be happy to explore options with you. Investing in this service is a way to optimise the speed, accuracy and cost-efficiency of expense processes and approvals. Get in touch

Need fast support?

For SAP Concur administrators or end-users, self-service and online resources are available.

Knowledge Base within the Support portal, offers extensive help from training materials and articles, to videos and demos

SAP Concur training where product users can access Concur training, FAQs community connections and more

SAP Concur Community site, run by SAP Concur users, provides education and support resources through blogs and forums, including peer-to-peer Q&As

If your company has a User Support Desk, the next step is to contact that team is via the support portal where you can chat to support, open a case or phone the team.*

This option is available to existing customers with User Support Desk service. Customers who don’t have USD service, might have chosen to support employees internally.


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