Bourns, Inc.

Savings of 40% per expense report processed.

World-leading electronics manufacturer Bourns, Inc. operates 14 manufacturing, R&D, and sales facilities in the Americas, Asia, and Europe. Despite $3.3 million in annual travel spend, the company’s internal T&E processes and systems were behind the curve. Bourns turned to Concur® Expense Management and Concur® Financial Connector to replace its manual expense management process with an end-to-end solution that would eliminate paper, automate and integrate expense management across the global enterprise.

Why Bourns, Inc. prefers Concur:
- Accelerated employee reimbursement time.
- Global integration of T&E and accounting systems.
- Improved visibility into expenses.
- Annual savings of $126,000 on processing expense reports alone.

"…Concur has helped us meet our goals for automation with an effective solution"

-Ellen M. Class, Worldwide Controller, Bourns, Inc.






Riverside, CA


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