Ericsson realizes increased control, efficiency and cost savings globally with Concur

Using multiple expense management systems – from manual to Web-based – was costly and inefficient for Ericsson to manage. The company lacked control and had no means to track travel spend. Ericsson looked for an on-demand global solution that would reduce costs and universally meet the needs of its employees.

After a brief pilot, Ericsson implemented SAP Concur, a Web-based, on-demand service that streamlines and automates the expense process. As a global expense management solution, SAP Concur drives significant costs out of the expense process by automating the processes Ericsson uses to manage employee spend. In just the matter of a few months, Ericsson implemented SAP Concur in India, Sweden, The Netherlands and Germany.

"Concur is the perfect system for us. The most important thing for us was to have one standard global process. The second most important thing to us was to control costs and know how much we’re spending and analyze why we’re travelling. With Concur, we have all that.”

-Ali Sadek, Global Travel and Expense Manager, Ericsson








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