Merck uses Intelligent Audit to improve compliance processes

Moving from an on-premise to a cloud solution, Merck knew it could provide a better experience for its users, improve its corporate card program, and increase policy compliance. With the help of the Concur Select Care team, Merck deployed SAP Concur solutions in more than 75 countries and issued 40,000 payment cards in the span of 10 months, completely transforming its expense process.

With Intelligent Audit, the company inserts audits of policy prior to manager approval, increasing speed to reimbursement, reducing delinquency, and eliminating work from the system.

With Intelligent Audit, we’re inserting audits of policy prior to manager approval.  By ensuring policy is followed prior to manager review, we can syphon off more expense reports that don’t require intervention increasing speed to payment, reducing delinquency, eliminating work from the system, and maintaining our risk profile.

When fully deployed, we’ll be able to bypass more than 50% of our expense reports allowing more time for our leaders to ideate and innovate.

-Jeffrey Thompson, Director, Payment Services-Program Design, Policy and Sourcing, Merck






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