Concur Drive

Track mileage automatically when employees are on the road to speed up expense claims.

Take the guesswork out of mileage claims by capturing distance to the exact mile

When mileage is manually reported, inaccuracy, and inflated spend can easily occur. Drive lets employees automatically capture true distance travelled to:

  • Document, report, and reimburse distance driven
  • Improve mileage reporting, and help with compliance, and audit readiness
  • Proactively manage and standardise expense reporting

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Features of Concur Drive

Categorise mileage type

Accurately track distance driven by marking each segment of your drive as business or personal when auto-tracking is enabled.

Accurate distance capture

Employees can opt-in so smart sensors track when their vehicle is in motion to capture distance from their mobile device.

Seamlessly submit driving expenses

Turn mileage logs into expense claim line items in Concur Expense with one click.

Reduce overspend and inaccuracy

Enable auto-tracking to automatically capture driving distance, or manually start and stop distance capture per trip.

Measure mileage across the globe

Drive displays 12 languages supported by SAP Concur and measures distance in miles and kilometers.

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