An integrated solution for modern finance leaders

When you connect expense, travel and invoice data all in one place, it's easier to see company spend and make smart decisions.

Can your current expense, travel, and invoice solution keep up with today’s traveller?

Your employees have more buying power than ever, which makes visibility into company spend even more challenging. That's why you need an integrated solution across expense, travel, and invoice management.

  • Top-rated mobile apps and web tools employees love
  • Easy-to-use solutions increase employee compliance, giving you more visibility and helping you make better decisions

Why connect your travel, expense and invoice process?

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Increase compliance. Increase visibility. It all comes together with SAP Concur.

If you’re using disconnected T&E and invoice solutions, chances are you have some financial blind spots. See how an integrated solution can help you gain better compliance and visibility.

Improve compliance

SAP Concur customers achieved a ROI of 650% over three years

And you could too, according to IDC research. Reduce manual travel bookings and expense claims, increase the productivity of your finance team and improve compliance to your internal spending policies.

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Increase visibility into employee spend with a connected travel and expense process.

Can expense claims really write themselves? Yes they can. When you connect travel data with your expense process, you get a truly effortless, transparent system that gives employees time back and finance visibility and control over T&E.

Connected T&E management

How can you create policies that set you up for success?

The starting point of any good travel and expense (T&E) process is a robust policy. If you haven't got one or need to dust yours off and update it, take a look at our expense policy builder, which can help you create a customised T&E policy for your business in a few clicks.

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Discover a better way to handle spend management

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SAP Concur is the one solution that solves disconnected expense, travel, and invoice management systems.

Gain greater visibility into spend by connecting data from travel suppliers, corporate credit cards, online travel sites, suppliers, and more – optimising expense, travel, and invoice management.

Concur Expense: Empower everyone to manage expenses.

We give your employees top-rated mobile apps and tools, so it's easier for them to manage expenses, and easier for you to see and control where the money is going.

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Concur Invoice: Simplify and speed up your invoice process through AP automation.

Customise Concur Invoice for your workflow. Simplify and speed up invoice capture and payment while providing more visibility into every step of the process with automated accounts payable software.

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Concur Travel: All your travel. All in one place.

Capture bookings wherever they're made so employees can book the way they want and you capture the data you need, giving you greater visibility into travel spend.

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Small and medium businesses, nationwide, have increased insight and efficiency through integration.

Facing the rising threat of cybercrime against charities while using a manual paper-based invoice system, Devon Air Ambulance looked to overhaul its processes to deliver more value for its stakeholders and patients.

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Qlik found a solution to a travel and expenses (T&E) process that was fragmented, time-consuming and that didn't give reporting insights together with SAP Concur and our partner network.

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DAS UK Group, the UK’s leading legal expenses insurer, uses SAP Concur to save time, cut costs, and streamline its expense and invoice operations. The finance team now saves 21 hours a week and has improved visibility into company spend.

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