7 Steps to Travel Success: Traveller Satisfaction

Picture this… you have been asked to put in place a new business travel programme.


You’ve negotiated with your frequent suppliers and implementation is on track. You’ve put the needs of the business first, you’re ready to crack down on excessive travel spending and improve compliance to the corporate travel policies. All the agreed fares are uploaded in your slick online booking tool, you’re feeling good about a job well done and are ready to put your feet up.


A few months after launch, you pull some reports to share with internal stakeholders, with the intention of getting the recognition you deserve.


However, you notice that adoption isn’t where you want it to be. You hear murmurs through the business that employees aren’t happy. They’re saying that the travel policy is unclear, and things aren’t any better than before. 


So, what can do you? How do you maintain a balance between traveller satisfaction and business needs?


If you’re struggling with this issue, or expect to in the future, the fifth webinar in our 7 Steps to Travel Success series can help. Join Ellen Trotochaud, VP of Global Business Development - Travel Channels at SAP Concur, and representatives from Clarity, a leading business travel agency, to learn more.


To register for the remaining webinars in our series, visit our 7 Steps to Travel Success webpage.



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