Controlling Costs in Transport, Cargo and Logistics Companies

Planning, travelling, managing, moving and storing. Transport, cargo and logistics companies need to keep their business moving, without losing control of costs.


Nowadays, you can order anything at your fingertips. Mobile commerce has skyrocketed customer demands and expectations. They don’t care if their order has to travel halfway across the world to reach them – they want to track it every step of the way and have it in their hands as soon as possible.


The likes of Amazon have this all figured out. And around Christmas time, Amazon is like the business version of Father Christmas, delivering presents all over the world.


Luckily, you don’t need a magic sleigh and a troupe of flying reindeer to compete. But you do need to keep a close eye on business spending. When you can review all your data in one place, this becomes much easier.


Not sure where to start? SAP Concur can help with expense, travel and invoice management.


Automation is a quick and easy way of connecting disparate systems. Forget mountains of paperwork and hours of manual data entry. Automatic workflows streamline processes and increase accuracy, so your business can run much more smoothly and efficiently.


With SAP Concur, you can…

  • Give employees the freedom to book their own business travel without losing sight of what they’re booking, when and where.
  • Capture and log expenses with your smartphone as soon as you incur them.
  • Receive reimbursements quickly without wasting time stapling receipts and filling in forms.
  • Check if employees are complying with internal policies and external regulations.
  • Review your data in handy dashboards to make informed spending decisions.


Of course, connected data from across the entire company is the long-term goal. But if you want to start the new year with increased cost control, automated expense, travel and invoice processes could be the quick-win you’re looking for.


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