Discover Connected Journeys from Concur

Explore apps that improve the employee experience while helping businesses manage travel and expense spending more effectively


Business travel can be tricky. For business travellers – managing itineraries, dealing with delays and hoarding paper receipts for expense claims can be time-consuming. For businesses – they need access to real-time data and spending insights to control costs and manage compliance.


If you’re looking for smoother journeys, smarter spending and effortless expensing, Concur can help.


At Concur, we work with a range partners to deliver better business travel. To illustrate the benefits, we created the Connected Journey experience where you can follow Jack, a Facilities Manager for leading technology company based in London, on a business trip to Munich.

Jack is overseeing the opening of a new office. He confirms his travel budget, books his flight and hotel, and considers his local transport options. He also wants to stay connected throughout his trip and make sure he can submit his expense claim quickly when he gets back to the office. Sound familiar?


The Concur App Centre – an ecosystem of pre-built partner applications – works with the Concur Travel and Expense solutions to create connected journeys for business travellers like Jack. From cost-conscious bookings with Rocketrip, Uber integration, VAT advice from tax partners and language support from TripLingo, Jack is supported throughout his journey.


But, it’s not just Jack who benefits. At the end of his business trip, different departments – including Finance, HR and Payroll – also have something to gain by embracing the Concur Travel ecosystem.


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