Insights into Navigating Economic Uncertainty at Fusion EMEA

In a perfect business world, we would always know what was coming next. Change would come in an orderly, sensible, clearly-signposted fashion. We’d always know where the economy is heading so we could plan accordingly.


But we don’t live in a perfect business world. And at the moment, change and uncertainty abounds. You’ll know the issues your business is facing from your own experiences and conversations you’re having with customers, partners and suppliers.


It’s why navigating economic uncertainty is one of the sessions at this year’s Fusion EMEA, which is being held on 18 and 19 June 2019 at the Royal Lancaster in London.


Here are just four of the areas that we’ll be taking a considered look at:


Changes in the UK Reporting and Compliance Landscape

Changes in the reporting and compliance landscape are happening rapidly. In the past couple of years alone we’ve had Duty to Report, Making Tax Digital, gender pay gap reporting and GDPR. This year’s Fusion EMEA will tackle some of these hot topics and we’ll look at how the SAP Concur partner ecosystem – with over 150 applications and services – can help you manage compliance as well as tackle industry-specific tax and regulatory requirements.


Changes in the Global Reporting and Compliance Landscape

There’s also the global landscape to consider. Just as the face of reporting and compliance is changing rapidly in the UK, so it’s changing everywhere else too, with a push towards paperless processes being a particular focus. It means digital compliance is a critical area when looking at travel and expense solutions. We have a session at Fusion EMEA on how SAP Concur helps you tackle the challenges and our plans to help you meet the requirements of digital compliance globally.


The Brexit Effect on Immigration and Tax Requirements

Then, of course, there’s Brexit. If you employ workers from the EU, what impact will that have on your immigration and tax requirements after Brexit?


We have a specific session on this at Fusion EMEA. You’ll learn how to mitigate the risks, including the new requirements your employees face as they travel across EU borders, the impact on eligible Foreign VAT and ways to maximise travel ROI. You'll also learn best practices for ensuring regulatory compliance while protecting the livelihood of your employees.


The Changing Face of Corporate Travel

Brexit brings corporate travel to the EU and also more widely into sharp focus. How will business travel overseas change in future months and years. What will the effects be? There are three sessions at Fusion EMA that will consider this.


There’s a session on the five forces that will change the face of managed travel over the next five years and a look at the impact they will have.


If you’re interested in travel distribution in Europe and want insights into the new models gaining prominence such as New Distribution Capability, you won’t want to miss the session on understanding the complexity of European travel distribution. It will give you specific travel management practices to help you save time, gain insights, and provide the best experience to your travellers.


Finally, there’s a session on the best practices to consider before implementing or expanding your travel programme globally, including policy considerations, language considerations, regulatory requirements and tax implications.


Expand your Knowledge

Fusion EMEA brings together SAP Concur customers, those interested in SAP Concur, partners and experts to learn, share experiences and connect. It’s an opportunity to explore ways to help run your business better and take your expense, travel, and invoice management to the next level. If you would like to learn more about strategies for navigating economic uncertainty and more, join us at SAP Concur Fusion EMEA.

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