Many Hands Make Light Work Our Partner Ecosystem Explained - in a Podcast

As a stand-alone spend management platform, SAP Concur is a powerful tool in the battle to control spend – as part of a huge partner ecosystem, it’s a game-changer.

Tune into "The Power of the Partner”, the sixth episode of SAP Concur Conversations podcast series, to hear how using our Partner App Centre can increase the value of your SAP Concur solution – all via simple, seamless integrations.

Spend 20 minutes with Kirk Hayes, Director, Platform and Product Partnerships Marketing, and Mark Woodhouse, Director, EMEA Platform and Product Partnerships, to find out how EMEA is catching up with the US in delivering customers a robust network of third-party suppliers and services to optimise their SAP Concur investment.

One Size Does Not Fit All

In the podcast, Kirk and Mark discuss how customers are no longer looking for one partner to solve all of their needs, but rather a range of niche experts who can better serve their individual business challenges. By working alongside our ecosystem of expert partners, Mark says you benefit from even greater automation of workflow processes, significantly reduced admin time and your employee user experience goes through the roof.

They also talk about some of the expense categories where the SAP Concur Partner Ecosystem works particularly well. One of these is ground transportation (Uber) and another is VAT reclaim (Taxback International).

By partnering with third parties like these, you not only work faster and better, but you can actually transform your organisation’s cashflow – take Electrolux, for example, which as we hear in the episode, boosted its annual VAT reclaim from  €30,000 to €400,000 thanks to a link up between SAP Concur and Taxback International.

You’ll also hear how the EMEA region in particular, with its many countries and languages, benefits from working with App Centre partners.  Business travel in this region involves a lot of pulling together of disparate tax regulations, visa requirements and travel documentation, with fraud and non-compliance an ever-present threat.  

To demonstrate the point, Mark takes listeners through how the partnership with EY helps users book travel, safe in the knowledge their cross-border business trip automatically adheres to the necessary rules and regulations.

Extending the Ecosystem ­– What’s Next?

The podcast closes with a discussion about how customer demand for financial integrations is growing all the time and how SAP Concur plans to forge new partnerships and build upon those it has already made. Some key areas, such as mileage and fuel, come up as areas of potential new partnerships.

Another huge area of potential is sustainability, as users look to find alternative modes of transport, ways to cut their carbon footprint and even gain analysis of their habits whilst travelling (such as where they eat) to determine where more sustainable choices could be made.

As Mark and Kirk say, the future for the SAP Concur partner network is to continue to deliver on our customers’ vision – and we are better armed to do that with our partner network behind us.

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