Spending Simplified: Take the Hassle out of Year-End Travel

When are Most Travel Expenses Claimed?

For many organisations, the last weeks of the year tend to be the busiest.

The sales team are squeezing in vital deals and tying things up with clients before the quarter end. Marketing are running major events to build momentum for the year ahead. Stores and customer-facing staff are finessing their festive displays. Others are simply travelling to enjoy Christmas parties with suppliers, customers and colleagues alike.

It's a hectic time for businesses and for anyone managing business travel. With employees constantly on the move, claiming everything from mileage and accommodation to meals and merchandise, the admin can soon stack up. If it's not properly organised, it'll spiral out of control and become a Christmas present nobody wants.

Now more than ever, it's important to streamline your travel management to understand what employees are spending where, and when.


What is Concur Travel?

Concur Travel takes the effort out of managing business travel, by connecting your entire travel expense process in one place. Cloud-based and automated, it provides one single source of truth that's accurate, easy to understand and secure, without piles of paperwork.


How do Employees Claim Travel Expenses?

Travelling employees can quickly submit any costs incurred from business trips by snapping a photo of a receipt on their phone. This saves them from filling in forms and means finance teams get accurate information immediately.

What's more, the finance team can apply specific company spending policies or claim limits to Concur Travel to make sure everyone complies, which saves regulatory headaches further down the line.


How does Concur Travel Help You?

As travel itineraries change, employees can book new travel options on the move using their mobile device so everything is logged as it happens.

Because everything is in one system, duty of care is simplified and employees can be quickly located. And if your CFO suddenly demands a spending summary, you can provide them with one, on the spot.


So, as 2018 draws to a close, it's worth remembering that travel doesn't have to spell trouble. SAP Concur can take care of everything so all you have to worry about is the Secret Santa!


Visit our website to find out more about Concur Travel - and look out for our next blog in the spending simplified series, which is all about managing expenses.



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