There’s good news in business travel: You still have time to improve your programme

Business isn’t exactly booming right now, and while the challenges aren’t permanent, they’re certainly persistent. This is not to say, however, that the changes businesses are going through are all bad. The slower pace of business, for example, provides time to prepare for things ramping up again.

Take travel for instance. It’s essentially grounded, but it will take off again, and you will need to be ready for the “new normal.” This means everything from new travel requirements like facemasks and hand-sanitiser, to bigger changes such as direct flights, pre-trip approvals, safety protocols, and training at all levels.

It means, in other words, that this is a perfect time to give your travel and expense processes some attention.

To start, are you doing all you can to close the data gaps that prevent you from seeing and effectively managing your spend? Are you getting the insight you need from those numbers? Are you even getting the right numbers? How about your travellers’ safety – is your programme as robust as your employees will expect it to be before they board a plane or train again? And are you certain you’re using your current solution to its full capacity?

These and other tips to strengthen your T&E programme are laid out in this brief eBook. They’ll help you build a more responsive, resilient travel programme that not only helps keep your travellers safe, it gives you even greater visibility into (and control over) travel and expense spending.

The eBook lays out the tools you’ll want and tells you how to use them. So you can capture your travellers’ bookings and simplify expense reporting – and you’ll have clear directions and concrete proof of performance.

These aren’t changes you have to make overnight, but they will need to happen, and they will make a difference.

And the time has come to get moving. To explore new sources of savings, evaluate strategies for business traveller safety, and to prepare your organisation to hit the ground running when travel resumes, read our eBook today





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