Top 5 Reasons HR agrees on SAP Concur Travel and Expense solutions

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When finance and travel teams consider new travel and expense (T&E) solutions, HR has a big stake in whatever they choose. That’s because T&E processes touch everyone at the business – affecting everything from personal safety to payroll reimbursements - and because they can be a huge source of frustration that could affect both employee satisfaction and HR.

Sixty-five percent of decision-makers report that constrained T&E resources have a large or very large negative impact on the entire company.1

As an HR leader, as you are trying to hire and retain top talent in a tremendously tight market and working to improve the work experience for each employee, you have a stake in the solution your finance and travel teams choose. Because improving travel and expense processes improves HR.

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Source 1: Empower the Future of Work with Intelligent Travel and Expense Solutions, a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of SAP Concur, May 2023