Invoice, Expense and Travel The Digital Age

Digital transformation is nothing new for modern businesses, with staff working from home and accessing their applications through the cloud, this way of working can boost productivity, improve business performance and enhance employee experience

What if you are still to fully embark on your digital journey, what changes can you make to drive efficiency and growth? 

We surveyed 552 senior executives across 11 countries, this is what we discovered:

  • 88% agreed the events of 2020 will forever change how businesses operate
  • 93% agreed maintaining organisation agility is the only wat to navigate uncertainty
  • 38% see the speed of technological change as a top challenge facing business globally

The year 2020 has shown that technology has allowed people to remain connected, carry on sharing information and continue to get things done no matter where they are. This dramatic shift in working has naturally impacted how businesses operation, with more processes becoming digitised, how can you take advantage of this new way of working and drive your business forward?

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