Managing Digital Tax with SAP Concur

Man in white shirt wearing glasses, sitting at desk working on laptop

Governments worldwide are increasingly going digital with tax collection and compliance, making it even more important for businesses to digitalize spend management processes to keep up with changing requirements and satisfy authorities.

Our eBook, It’s All About to Get Easier, examines how businesses can rethink their tax approach and how automated solutions, services, and extensions from SAP Concur can help meet the challenge of change.

Learn how you can:

· Capture and digitise paper receipts and e-invoices, gleaning and validating necessary information for a growing number of countries.

· Screen each document to categorise charges and apply taxes, applying compliance requirements based on relevant market and creating expenses in the solution.

· Integrate charges into your financial system for payment and archive documents and images based on regulatory rules.

· Put all the data to work to better manage and reclaim value-added tax (VAT) and related levies, as well as to accurately identify and report taxable employee benefits.

Get the eBook to learn how our solutions can simplify tax operations, lower the risk of penalties, increase tax reclaim, and improve spending visibility, no matter where you do business and how often requirements change.