Free Invoice Policy Template and 7 Tips for Getting Started

Take Away AP Pain With a Strong Vendor Invoice Policy Template

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No one knows exactly what the future holds, from sales upswings and economic downturns to shifting regulations and fluctuating business priorities. Every Accounts Payable (AP) team needs to be prepared for change to be future-ready. A strong, templated vendor invoice policy is a step toward achieving that goal as well as adding more control and efficiency in your business.

Creating a policy for managing invoices may seem time-consuming initially, but in the absence of having one, your AP team will waste time chasing down information, fixing errors, and untangling confusion caused by conflicting ideas about processes. Once created and enforced, an effective invoice management policy can reduce the amount of time it takes to approve and process invoices, address exceptions, and manage documentation, allowing your employees to focus on their core competencies instead of busy work.

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