Embracing Change with Shadé Zahrai

Join Shadé Zahrai on an enlightening journey as she explores the essence of change, its challenges, and the science behind it. Learn why some thrive, while others struggle with the concept of change at work. 

You'll come away with:

  • Essential principles for effectively embracing change
  • Strategies for creating psychologically safe environments

  • A range of practical tools to help navigate change with confidence

Watch the video to uncover the keys to transforming behaviour and attitudes towards change, empowering yourself to embrace growth and adaptation.

>> Access her complimentary 'Embracing Change in World 4.0' handout here <<

Key Video Time Stamps:

  • 0:28 What is Change?
  • 0:58 Functional Split in the Brain
  • 1:13 Who is Shadé Zahrai
  • 1:55 Rational Concscious Deliberate System
  • 2:25 Emotional Unconscious Automatic System
  • 2:55 Jonathon Haidt Theory
  • 4:23 The Pre-Frontal Cortex - Executive Level Thinking
  • 4:40 The Limbic System - Emotion and Fear Centre 
  • 5:25 The Pre-Frontal Cortex Vs The Limbic System 
  • 7:22 Four Responses to Change
  • 13:43 Psychological Safety 
  • 18:47 Above the Line Vs Below the Line Thinking 
  • 21:00 Three Common Mindset Traps 
  • 27:21 Rider and Elephant Analogy 
  • 30:15 Wrap Up and Q&A