Podcast Series with AccountingWEB: From FD to CFO and Beyond – Practical Advice on Climbing the Career Ladder

How does career progression happen? In the first episode of a three-part podcast series, an experienced panel of financial professionals look back at their own career paths and what they’ve learned along the way.

In this episode of our special three-part podcast series with AccountingWEB, we analysed career progression in the finance function and tried to place a finger on how to plot a trajectory upward.

The podcast welcomed three high-profile guests, alongside AccountingWEB’s business editor Francois Badenhorst:

  • Neena Vivash: An executive coach with a senior finance background, whose specific focus is on helping CFOs become business leaders.
  • Angus Milledge: A former FD who crossed the floor to commercial, and is currently a sales director at SAP Concur.
  • Andrew Bullock: Finance director at SAP Concur. He has two decades of experience in the finance function and has worked in his current role for six years.

In the pod, the guests discussed their own career trajectories, how demands change, what they’ve learned in the process and what they wish they knew while making the long march up the job ladder.

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