Podcast Series with AccountingWEB: A Machine Did My Expenses: How Automation's Benefits Filter Throughout the Business

In episode two of our ‘forward-looking finance leader’ podcast series, we outline a practical, everyday vision for automation and examine how the finance function stands to benefit.

To tell us more, AccountingWEB welcomed three esteemed guests onto the pod:

  • Alastair Barlow: One of the founding partners of flinder, a firm which provides accounting services and rich management information for growing businesses.
  • Manu Dell’aquilla: Technology transformation manager at RED, a global SAP solutions provider. Dell’aquilla has a background in engineering and AI
  • Rachel Van Der Merwe: SAP Concur head of product marketing for EMEA North

In the pod, we wrestle with what automation is and isn’t - and how its progress is usually iterative, rather than an overnight transformation.

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