6 Strategies for Finance to Build Resilience through Digital Transformation

In a year marked by change, 2020 presented many new challenges for Finance – and highlighted gaps in processes too. Featuring insights from Bain & Company, this whitepaper highlights the six areas business and finance leaders should home in on to recover, adapt and build an even more resilient business in 2021. You’ll read about:

· The value of scenario planning and how to go about it

· Advice for strengthening working capital and improving cash flow

· How increasing spend efficiency and visibility helps the bottom line 

· How to embark on digital transformation within Finance

· Navigating new ways of working

Bain & Company research found that during the last recession, those companies that were quick to react grew at 17% compared to those that adopted a cautious approach. This white paper explores the detailed actions finance leaders can take now to equip and futureproof their business for what may lie ahead.

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