Preparing for Gen Z and Gen Alpha: How Younger Generations Will Change Business Travel and Expense Management

Travel, Expense, Gen Z, Gen Alpha

In this whitepaper, SAP Concur thought leader and T&E expert, Ralph Colunga, reflects on his 40+ year career in the business travel and expense industry and shares personal insights into his own learnings as a Travel Manager.

Ralph contends that the only constant is change as each decade has brought new expectations, challenges, opportunities, and technologies, shaped by a new generation entering the workforce. And each generation has challenged pre-existing T&E policies, over
time bringing about programme and policy change. 

Our fast-approaching future will be vastly different from the world of T&E management that
we know today, and much of the new face of corporate travel will be shaped by new employee demographics and expectations.

Here, Ralph offers a glimpse of the future and how next-generation travellers are changing T&E.

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