Priorities and Strategies for IT leaders to Build Business Resilience

Lady looking at computer

Your IT budget may be holding steady or tightening this year, but business expectations for technology-enabled processes and work experiences continue to grow.  

As an IT leader, how can you lead strategic digital transformation efforts that your business needs despite organisational challenges? One area of interest for this level of transformation is the optimisation of travel and expense management. 

By focusing on travel and expense management processes, you can check all the boxes of critical privacy, data protection and application security to meet global standards without overburdening your IT staff. Integrating data sources and applications with a combination of connectors and APIs, proven partner support, and à la carte services can turn users into loyal supporters – from initial go-live and throughout the solution lifecycle.   

While IT organisations are not the only technology decision maker in the business, they are the ones that fully understand the levels of resilient enterprise. In this paper, SAP Concur and Acquis Consulting Group suggest 4 core strategies that IT leaders should focus to build a business that’s model of resiliency: 

  • Prioritise the security of people, systems, and data. 

  • Simplify integration to refocus on higher-value work. 

  • Spend more responsibly with a sustainability mindset. 

  • Help ensure continuous support for the entire business. 

Download the paper to learn detailed strategies and best practices for IT leaders to build business resilience.