Spend Management Solutions for UK Police Forces

Effective discretionary spend management is one of the biggest challenges facing finance, accounts payable and procurement teams today. Without the correct systems and processes in place, a disproportionate amount of time and resources can be wasted by colleagues submitting claims as well as those tasked with processing them.

Faced with complex, manual, and time-consuming processes, employees look for faster and easier ways to get things done, resulting in out-of-policy spending decisions that leave no audit trail and no proof of how or where the budget is spent.

SAP Concur is the perfect solution for public sector organisations - such as UK Police Forces - complimenting their ongoing efforts to maximise every tax-payer pound spent across the organisation. 

We understand that the challenges facing police forces at present are both multiple and complex. We also understand that a more modern approach to policing is needed - supported by finance solutions that deliver real-time insights, greater flexibility and more coordinated spend analysis. 

Download this whitepaper and discover how SAP Concur solutions can help UK Police Forces focus on the bigger picture. 

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