Transforming Public Sector Expense Management Through Digitisation and Automation

How to transform public sector expense management with digital technology

It’s time the financially squeezed public sector stops paying the price for antiquated expense management systems.

Modern data-driven solutions save significant budget – while ensuring claims are compliant, employee-friendly and green!

Whatever area of the public sector you work in, it is clear that budgets are under unprecedented pressure. Public sector spend in areas ranging from higher education to local government and central government continues to be hit very hard. 

  • Local councils, for example, have been forced to freeze flagship “levelling-up” projects
  • Public-sector pay has dropped 4.3% in real terms in recent years
  • Government borrowing has soared to a 30-year high amid moves to balance the books.

In the current economic environment, the public sector is having to scrutinise every penny spent to ensure high-quality services survive.

Value and efficiencies can be achieved with better management of budgets to help organisations understand where the money is going. This also applies to the reduction in carbon emissions within the public sector, with measurement and control being very important.

Switching from an outdated, expense management system to a modern data-driven solution, can transform your organisation on multiple fronts.

  1. Helping the public sector ensure compliance and protect against fraud;
  2. Improve user experience; and 
  3. Start their carbon reduction programme.

And, the good news is, a modest initial investment can help reap significant results. In this whitepaper, we explore three of the major benefits modern expense management solutions can deliver for your organisation. Read it today

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