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NHS Volunteer Responders

Thank you for signing up to be a NHS Volunteer Responder. We want to make your volunteering experience with us enjoyable, rewarding and safe, and believe it’s important to make sure you’re not out-of-pocket for doing so. This page contains all the essentials for understanding how the process works and how to claim back reasonable expenses, such as mileage, phone calls, bus fares and hand sanitiser, using our NHS Volunteer Responder Expenses System.

NHS Volunteer Responders is the first initiative of its kind in England in peace time and we would like to extend our wholehearted thanks to you for your commitment in supporting the NHS and vulnerable people in this way. You are part of something amazing and we are profoundly grateful.

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What you need to know about Volunteer Expenses

We believe it’s important to make sure that you are reimbursed for reasonable expenses whilst you undertake your volunteering tasks.

The NHS Volunteer Responders Expenses System provides the opportunity for you to donate your expenses claim through the Donate check box.

Please submit your expenses claims each week and once submitted they will be processed for payment.

Please view the Expenses Policy below to understand exactly what you can claim for, how often and how you will be reimbursed.

Quick Start Guide View Expenses Policy

Getting Started with the NHS Volunteer Responders Expenses System

Getting to grips with a new system can be daunting. On this page you will find lots of useful information to help you get started and video guides to make it as easy as possible. Please spend some time looking at these, as well as our FAQs, in order to get to know the system better. The NHS Volunteer Responders Expenses System is supported by SAP Concur.

Claiming Expenses - Frequently Asked Questions

Claiming back your expenses

Before getting started, view this video to see the steps you need to take to claim back your expenses. The Concur app can be used on both iPhones and Android devices, as well as a computer. Specific video guides by device are at the bottom of this page.

How to videos

The expenses system uses Google map functionality to allow you to submit claims for your mileage. You will need to retain the postcodes for each journey.

Receipts and/or ticket images are required to claim back your bus fare or hand sanitiser expenses. The videos below will show you how to access your camera through the expenses system and take a photo of the receipt/ticket.

How to claim your expenses

Downloading and accessing the SAP Concur App

The simplest way to use SAP Concur is on your mobile device, if you are unsure how to download it the application to your smart phone this video will talk you through the process.

Download the Concur app using an Apple Device

Download the Concur app using an Android phone (non iPhone)

Logging in for the first time

Once you have downloaded the application you will need to login to start using it, this video will show you how to login and explain the app to you

Log in to the app on an Apple Device

Log in to the app on an Android Device (non iPhone)

Adding your bank details.

To get your expense claim reimbursed we need you to submit your bank details so we know where to send it to, this video will show you how to navigate to the bank account section and add your account details on a computer.

Add bank details using your computer

Need Assistance?

If you’ve tried the FAQs, ‘how to’ videos and user guide and you are still unable to find an answer to your question, please let us know by clicking the Contact Us button below.

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