Connect It: Seamless Expense Management Integration with Salesforce

Concur Connector for Salesforce

Salesforce is a major business tool. Used within sales teams, it helps build and maintain relationships with your prospects and customers. But when you are travelling all the time to touch base with them, you need a solution that makes it easy to keep on top of who you are meeting, who you are entertaining, and how much this is costing you.

Our Connector for Salesforce gives you better insight into the cost of your sales cycle in a solution that is quick and easy to get started immediately.

Have Happier Sales Teams with Concur Connector for Salesforce

Our travel and expense solution comes into its own when it combines Salesforce. Together, using the Concur Connector for Salesforce, they offer you the ability to:

  • Add a contact in Salesforce which is immediately available to add as an attendee on your expense claim
  • Associate opportunities to expenses in real-time
  • Share your travel booking using Chatter
  • Collaborate on business travel plans before and during travel
  • Communicate with colleagues on the go
  • Fill in less information manually


Better Insight into Customer Contact Costs

Do you know what you spent closing that sale? Salesforce integrated into your Concur solution gives you the full sales cycle spend picture in real-time.

Do you know what you are spending on managing customer relationships? With our connector for Salesforce it is clear and simple to track costs against opportunities to help your employees better manage their budgets.

Using our connector also means that it is easy for sales, account managers and service teams to collaborate and communicate customer visits, helping to reduce travel booking costs and expenses, as well as saving time.

Simple Insight into Compliance

Do you want to know how much you are spending on client entertainment? With the latest bribery laws, this could be important to know and manage as a business.

Our solution gives you the ability to quickly and easily see what you are spending on clients, so it is not only easy to see exactly what your sales cycle is costing you, but it also gives you the information you need to keep on the right side of the latest statutory requirements.

Easy to Integrate

Internal system integration can be time consuming and costly, but with our Connector for Salesforce you have a pre-built integration that saves time and resources, so you can get going straight away.