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Benefits for the Travel Manager

Travel Managers Are Looking to Gain:

  • More control over what is booked and what is spent
  • Better insight into travel and expense data
  • Increased adoption of corporate booking tools

Our solution gives travel managers control because it automates the travel booking process, integrates travel policy, and allows travel to be pre-approved. It also incorporates data directly from credit card providers and travel suppliers as e-receipts. Everything from booking the travel to reimbursing expenses is available in one system, helping save time while managing employee spend, and keeping on top of costs.

Our travel booking tool is also intuitive and easy to use so adoption by travellers is high.

Benefits of Using Concur

Most travel managers want to ensure the solution they select will help drive adoption of online travel booking and give visibility into expense spend, but also help them drive supplier savings and negotiations.

Integrated Travel & Expense Overview

If travel managers want... Do we
provide this?
  Learn more?
To get travel content from both the Global Distribution System (GDS) and other sources e.g. low cost carriers Yes Travel Booking
To drive online usage by travellers but have a Travel Management Company (TMC) ready for complex journeys or unforeseen circumstances Yes Travel Booking
To drive the use of preferred suppliers by showing clearly what is inside and outside of policy Yes Travel Booking
To integrate travel and expense policies Yes Compliance
To pre-approve trips before they are booked Yes Travel Request
To address duty of care requirements Yes Locate & Alert
To have quick and easy access to travel and expense data and reports to analyse expense spend Yes Business Intelligence
Manage travel & expenses on your mobile or smartphone while on the go. Yes Mobile Access