It’s your second-biggest line item. How much of it do you want to see?

Odds are, you can’t see all your T&E spend—and if you can’t see it, you certainly can’t control it. Concur gives you visibility into every piece of expense data from every corner of your business, so you know where every last penny is going. Find out how.
Quocirca Report: <br/><span class="sub">Getting expense management right</span>
Compliance E-book:<br/><span class="sub"> VAT, HRMC & more</span>
ERP Integration Whitepaper:<br/><span class="sub">Gain true financial visibility</span>
Employees Expenses Report<br/> <span class="sub">The definitive annual report for the UK</span>
<div class='grid_5 push_1' ><img alt='' src='/sites/default/files/uk_quocirca.png'/></div> <div class='grid_8 push_1'> <h3></h3> <p>Expense management can be tricky—so choosing a vendor with the right level of expertise is key. This report from Analyst House Quocirca provides a handy checklist on what to consider when choosing a solution to automate expenses as well as what to look for in an expense management vendor. </p> <a class='download-asset-button' href='/lp/getting-expense-management-right?icid=en_uk_visibility_quocirca' target="_blank"/>See the Report</a> </div> <div class='cust_clearfix'></div>
<div class='grid_5 push_1' ><img alt='' src='/sites/default/files/lp/images/wp-vat.png'></div> <div class='grid_8 push_1'> <h3>Expenses, VAT and HMRC Compliance<br/> in a Nutshell </h3> <p> When it comes to expenses, VAT, compliance and HMRC guidelines, are you clear what best-practice is - or even what the rules truly mean? Our ebook will guide through the maze of VAT and expenses, explaining how to keep the tax man happy, the rules of VAT and interesting stats and facts from UK finance decision-makers. </p> <a class='download-asset-button' href='/lp/expenses-vat-and-hmrc-compliance-nutshell?icid=en_uk_visibility_VAT' target="blank"/>Download the e-book</a> </div> <div class='cust_clearfix'></div>
<div class='grid_5 push_1' ><img alt="" src='/sites/all/themes/Concur6/images/UK_Visibility/UK_ERP.png'/></div> <div class='grid_8 push_1'> <h3>Know it all—Combine T&E and ERP, and see where every penny is spent. </h3> <p>Find out how to integrate every bit and byte of your T&E and ERP data, so you can get a single, accurate and instant look at the financial figures that drive decisions and overall performance.</p> <a class='download-asset-button' href='/lp/light-end-travel-data-tunnel?icid=en_uk_visibility_ERP' target="_blank"/>See the whitepaper</a> </div> <div class='cust_clearfix'></div>
<div class='grid_5 push_1' ><img alt='' src='/sites/all/themes/Concur6/images/UK_Visibility/UK_Benchmark.png'></div> <div class='grid_8 push_1'> <h3>£725 million spent on employee expenses – where did it go?</h3> <p>Now in its seventh year, the Concur Employee Expenses Benchmark Report is the definitive analysis of employee expenses in the UK. Benchmark your organisation against £725 million of expenses paid by UK-based organisations over the past three years.</p> <a class='download-asset-button' onclick='javascript:omnitureClick("uk-benchmark-summary.pdf")' href='' rel="ctd" data-ctd="keikodoctest3" target="_blank"/>Read the report</a> </div> <div class='cust_clearfix'></div> <style> .fixit #hero-content h4 { width: 650px; } .fixit #hero-content img { width: 44px; } .grid_5.push_1 { text-align: right; } .grid_5.push_1 img{ margin-top: 36px; margin-right: 55px; } .fixit #tabs-1 img { margin-top: 36px; margin-right: 55px; } .fixit #tabs-3 img { margin-top: 53px; margin-right: 55px; } .fixit #tabs-4 img{ margin-top: 37px; } </style>
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