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VAT IT Cloud — Expense

Free analysis and easy automated VAT recovery.

By connecting to the VAT Cloud™, you will be able to:  • Unlock cash savings imbedded in your T&E and A/P Expense data. • Streamline the entire VAT reclaim process with one cloud based solution. • Clear, transparent reporting on submissions and VAT refunds in real time. • Overview of expense data by country, expense type and employee. • Drill down to the finest detail on an invoice level. • Guaranteed 100% compliant tax refunds.  The Process: Step 1: VAT Cloud™ extracts data via live system integration with Concur Expense and Invoice. We have the fastest Concur pulling speeds of 86,000 expense entries per hour! Step 2: VAT Cloud™ algorithms identify all potential VAT reclaims. Step 3: Decision engine collates expense data and combines them into one record of clean data. Step 4: Manual Compliance check of every invoice ensures 100% compliancy. Step 5: Invoices are packaged and collated into compliant VAT reclaim format. Step 6: Claims are sent directly to the relevant tax office. Step 7: Watch your VAT savings clock up in your bank account. About VAT IT: VAT IT is the world’s leading VAT reclaim agent, helping thousands of companies across the world save costs at the click of a button. VAT IT has spent the last 16 years identifying, researching and perfecting foreign tax refund opportunities. By letting us do what we do best – tracking down and recovering the VAT you are owed – you can devote your time and resources to running and growing your business. What VAT IT’s Clients Say About Them: "The seamless integration of VAT IT with our Concur instance made foreign VAT reclaim pain free." - Sven Ringling, Director, iProCon “Dedicated, knowledgeable and helpful business partners; VAT CLOUD is very valuable to recover VAT without having to invest a lot of time and money.” – Roland Banholzer, Head of taxation, DHL Express, Inc. “The only thing I have to do is sign some papers and wait for the money to come in. It works so smoothly.” – Hans Henderrikx, Financial Planning Manager, Tosoh Europe B.V. “The New York VAT IT team were very patient with us, and did a great job of communicating what needed to be done and following up on deadlines.” – Laurel Fenton, Manager Accounts Payables, Westfield
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