Oakley wanted to do expenses more efficiently and stop their manual, paper-based process. After starting with a simple pilot trial, they are now rolling out a single, paperless process across Europe.

Oakley is an internationally recognised brand renowned for its quality sunglasses. Their salespeople's jobs involve a lot of travel and expenses - all of which needs to be processed and reimbursed in a timely way, so they started to test Concur in Europe with a pilot programme, based in Ireland. "It's our biggest team, so if it worked there, we knew it would work in the rest of Europe" says Pablo Sanz, Accounting Associate. They are now rolling Concur out to their full European sales team. "The simple interface helped me implement Concur really quickly," says Pablo.

Why Oakley Prefers Concur:

  • Time-savings
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Visibility
  • Easy implementation
  • Paperless process
  • Confidence, thanks to phased rollout, that this was the right product for them

"I would recommend Concur to other businesses, and to my friends and family, because it gives you a better panorama of what's going on with expenses in a much simpler way. And, at the end, it's all about saving time. The major asset that makes this a good investment is time-savings."

-Pablo Sanz, Accounting Associate, Oakley






Ireland, UK and offices in Europe


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