Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation

Finance team's workload reduced by 75%, costs are better tracked, mileage claim efficiency is improved.

Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation is a national charity with its head office based in Liverpool. They work to defeat lung cancer in the UK by funding research. Karen Golden, Head of Finance, says, “We came to Concur because we had a manual process using Excel spreadsheets which was very time-consuming. We had the risk that policies weren’t adhered to internally, or on the HMRC side. It was a problem on the admin side and if we’re expanding we want to control expenses and make sure they’re transparent, particularly if we have people working remotely. As a relatively small charity we’re also concerned about the costs – we don’t have the funds to invest in large, expensive systems. We researched a couple of options and once we saw Concur in action we realised we could afford it, and it would save us time – hence, money.

Why Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation Prefers Concur

  • Transparency
  • Time-savings
  • Reporting
  • Compliance with HMRC

"Our checking is minimal now because it’s done by the managers and it’s in the system, so we can do it in half a day. One and a half days have been saved per month by the finance team."

- Karen Golden, Head of Finance, Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation


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