Sauter Automation Ltd.

The mobile app gives on-site engineers a paperless way to process expenses.

Sauter Automation does exactly what the name says: automation for buildings. The company supplies and manages the environmental control of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC). “I had been looking for some years to try to automate our expenses” says John Buckley, Finance Director at Sauter. “What we had before was an entirely manual system. People filled in a form, attached receipts, and sent it off to managers to get approval. It took one to two days’ work each month for the purchase ledger controller just to enter the details – never mind processing the payment!

Sauter Automation needed a paperless way to process the expenses of their engineers who work on-site, often far away from their managers. They chose Concur because of the mobile app, ease of use, and ability to do and approve expenses on the go.

Why Satuer Automation Prefers Concur:

  • Convenience – mobile approval of expenses
  • Accuracy – no manual keying
  • Transparency – analysis of costs to individual-level detail
  • Credit card feeds automatically import expense data
  • Time-savings

“[Concur] is very good. The submission of expenses has become much less painful. The managers don’t have to be in one place, or where their ‘in-tray’ is. Wherever they are, their expenses are.”

- John Buckley, Finance Director, Sauter Automation






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